People Are Using Kylie Jenner’s Instagram To Gain Likes & Comments

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As of right now, the Internet is 10,571 days old. According to Google, there are 11,500,000 images of Kylie Jenner. There are exactly 1,337,109,491 different websites on the internet. There are on average 7,938 tweets sent out per seconds on Twitter. It’s safe to say the Internet is a crucial part of society’s daily purpose.

We’re always looking for ways to stand out on this vast web of content. Gaining likes and followers is so important is you’re an entertainer or influencer because likes equal popularity or relevance.

So, why are people commenting “LB” on Kylie Jenner’s photos?

Photo by GQ Germany.

Here’s why.

“LB” simply is an acronym for “like back.” Commenting this on a photo means your asking other Instagram users to go to your profile and like your photos. The idea is that it will make you look more popular on Instagram and potentially help you gain followers.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Here are a few rules to keep in mind when commenting LB.

1. Slow down. Do not comment LB too many times too quickly. If you do this, Instagram will block you from commenting for a couple minutes before you’ll be allowed to comment again and girl.. it’s annoying. What I do is leave my comment and then wait 5-6 seconds then comment again.

2. Be patient. Don’t expect to be Instafamous from this right away. Fact: While I’m writing this article, I keep going back to my phone next to me and typing “LB” after every other sentence and so far my last post has only boosted 52 likes in about 30 minutes. Take your time. Invest about 1-2 hours throughout each day in doing this and you’ll reach the hundred-plus like count in no time. This all comes down to you and how much time you intend on investing into this.

3. Stand out. Don’t just comment “LB” over and over and expect to be seen in the ocean of comments. Try switching it up once in a while. Sometimes I’ll comment with “I always LB” or “LB ASAP” so the comment stands out and helps me get more likes on my posts. Adding emojis to your comment helps too. (Tip: blue and bright pink emojis stand out more.)

4. Take advantage of the opportunity. There is more that you can do from this from gain likes. You can gain comments and followers too! Commenting with CB (comment back) or FB (follow back) will tell users that you’re looking for comments or followers and you’ll notice your comments and followers add up.

Again; revert back to #2. Commenting “FB” doesn’t mean you’re going to be an Instafamous profile with cute cat photos overnight. Take your time and truly invest time in this and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

Now.. go young grasshopper. I’ve taught you well. Go to Kylie Jenner’s latest Instagram post below and give it a try yourself.


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