Maddie Logan shows vulnerability through “Bless this Mess”

Maddie Logan is a country-pop singing sensation who wants to show the world each side of her, even her vulnerable side.

“As an artist, I try to just be everything I am as a person; a sarcastic, caring, overly honest girly girl who loves country music more than anything. Songwriting is my life, and everything you hear is coming from my heart and my head,” Logan said.

The California grown native knew early on her brand was all about storytelling, life, love, and most importantly, the outfits. She loves to describe her overall style as “rustic, but make it pink.”

When it comes to her music, she knew as early as five-years-old that she was born to perform.

“I always loved performing and started acting when I was 5. This led me to doing musical theatre, and that led me to writing my own songs at 8 and getting them recorded at 9. It’s really always been my passion,” she said.

Photo Courtesy of Jared Sislin

Fast forward to now, the 22-year-old has been able to unveil a side of herself that truly lets her fans into her life.

Her latest single, “Bless This Mess,” tells Logan’s story at one of the lowest points of her life, which brought the song to life.

“It describes all the things around me that are falling apart but deciding to say, “Whatever, it’s chaos, but it’s my chaos.” If you’ve ever seen the meme of the dog in the blazing fire saying, “this is fine,” I think that’s a perfect visual representation,” she said.

She emphasized how she used this song as a healing tool to get her through such a difficult time.

“I decided to just be completely honest about it. Part of it is my self-deprecating sense of humor, and part is me genuinely using this song to heal,” Logan said.

As she has grown throughout this process, she continues to rely on her faith, primarily through times like this.

“I feel this song is kind of an admittance that I have no understanding of what’s going on, but I know the man upstairs does,” she said.

She always affirms to continue to keep going no matter how things are because it is essential to keep going and keep telling stories through her music.

 “Looking to keep releasing tons more stuff. I have some tv appearances scheduled, and hopefully, I’ll be able to start doing some live performances very soon,” she said.

Her plans are bright and bold when releasing new music in the future for her fans to hear and experience more of her personal stories.

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