A Triple Threat, Lindsey Pelas, Changing The Game

Yeah, you can call Lindsey Pelas an influencer, even if she’s kind of reaching maximum capacity on all of the things she can physically do on a typical day.

Let’s see: she owns two restaurants in the Los Angeles area. She’s an occasional model and an occasional actress. She produces a podcast “Eyes Up Here” that gets a high number of listeners. She runs a popular OnlyFans page.. Each year, she publishes a swimsuit calendar that’s sold around the world.

All her life, she’s been a keen observer of how humans treat each other, for better and for worse, but mostly worse. 

She’s a fierce advocate for other women and loves speaking up when men in power try to slut-shame someone. At only age 29, Lindsey Pelas is pretty much a textbook example of being able to do anything you want to do and having fun while doing it.

Perhaps the most telling is what Lindsey Pelas did during COVID-19 lockdowns. While many of us took it easy and overwatched “Tiger King” on the couch all day, she read a lot of books, recorded more than 50 episodes of her podcast and trained her body to start each day at 6 in the morning sharp! She said the rewards of this self-discipline and new habits have been amazing.

This year, fans of Lindsey Pelas should expect more of the same in all these areas and more. Podcast guests, for instance, will not just include her friends in the worlds of sports, modeling, and entertainment, but doctors and other experts. She may take the podcast in some different directions but promises to keep blending tough issues with humor and keeping her own authenticity.

Those interested in learning more about Lindsey Pelas can catch her OnlyFans performances, which she produces and directs herself, since she didn’t want or need to have anyone telling her what to do. They can also stop by Sugar Taco and Sugar Taco 2. Both establishments are women-owned and offer plant-based cuisine.

With more than 13 million social media followers, Lindsey said to expect more fun, more entertainment and more of everything else in 2021 and beyond.